About Us

I have always loved candles!

Hello, my name is Lauren and I create premium terpene infused soy candles that are strain specific to cannabis. My candles are made locally in the Delaware area and hand poured in small batches. I started my business in the summer of 2021 and quickly learned that not too many people knew about the benefits and power of terpenes. I personally suffer from anxiety and depression and when I light a candle while I medicate with my medical marijuana, I notice an even calmer sensation.

Every store I go into, I always find myself in the candle section smelling all the candles. I sometimes find the quality of these candles to be pretty poor. I wanted to create candles for my own personal use that are great quality, have the perfect aroma, and are unique. As an MMJ (medical marijuana) patient, I always use candles to create a calming atmosphere to help with my anxiety while I medicate.
Each strain of MJ has a unique taste and smell from terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring oils that are abundant in the botanical world and help deliver unique sensations to our smell and flavor receptors. The resulting flavors are usually where the strains get their names. For example, Girl Scout Cookies resembles the flavors of the classic Thin Mint Cookie, and Super Lemon Haze is, as you can guess, tart and citrusy. I came up with the idea to infuse these same terpenes into strain-specific terpene candles. 

Even if you don’t use MMJ, lighting a terpene candle may still provides a relaxing and calming effect. Think of it as elevated aromatherapy!

Terpy Holistic's candles are meant to enhance your smoke sesh or just to uplift your mood! The candles are soy based and do not contain any THC. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!